Hubcentric Rings 106.25/101 mm - 4 Pcs

·       4 pcs Hubcentric Rings - designed to correct minor wheel and hub dimensions

·       Hub Ring Outside Diameter:  106.25 mm (Must match wheel center bore)

·       Hub Ring Inner Diameter: 101 mm (Must match your vehicle hub bore)

·       Made for wheels with a 106.25 mm center bore and vehicles with a 101 mm hub bore

·       Eliminate vibrations caused by your wheels not centering correctly onto your vehicle's hub

·       Warranty not applicable for this product.

This device is installed between the vehicle's hub and the wheel.
The hubring fills in the gap between the vehicle hub and the centerbore of the wheel.
Ensures a precise fit between your wheel and the hub.
Designed to eliminate unwanted steering wheel vibrations.
Precision machined to stop vibrations and ensure a snug fit every time.

How to chose the hub ring?
Hub rings are sized by using two different numbers that are measured in millimeters.
The smaller of the 2 measurements such as 101 mm is the inner diameter.This should match your vehicle's hub bore. 
The larger of the 2 measurements such as 106.25 mm is the outer diameter.This should match your wheel's centerbore.